About Us

ODMI INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LTD, based in Sri Lanka, offers a comprehensive solution to the Electrical accessories and Motor Spare parts industries, such as Brake Oil, Filters, Coolant, etc., to maintain excellent quality standards with a range of products. While satisfying the consumer with confidence, the phrase “Quality Powered by Trust” is the motivating factor that we carry on our shoulders to achieve our satisfaction.

As per our motto, we always focus on tailor-made services for our stakeholders. Hence, we provide an unparalleled package in our engineering construction field in order to strengthen the quality of the products and the services we provide the unrestricted resources we have amassed thus far have contribution to the maintenance of high quality and reliability standards, which also aids the company’s growth and its interests to our valued customers.

We diversified our business to the export market, and we are working with very good business partners overseas. For the Coconut Grated, Coconut water with Coco Chips and Peats product and many varieties of Spices, our total product range would be expected to expand the most in Australia and the Middle East
countries during the year 2023.

+94 11 292 0343

Comprehensive Product Range

Continuous product development to meet market & customer needs.

Central Distribution Warehouse Facility

12,000 sq feet warehouse with next-day delivery.

Style and Function

Our products combine modern styling with easy to install features such as in-line color-coded terminals and backed-out captive screws.

Quality and Reliability

All products are manufactured to the latest British Standards, and the company is promoting only global reputed brands

High Levels of Customer Service, Care, and Support

Our friendly and professional sales and technical teams are there to support customers' requirements. Together with the latest technology, and advanced supply chain management, we strive to ensure high levels of service.